Past Events

Washington D.C Rally “Preserving American Wildlife” In conjunction with U.N. World wildlife day.

Rally March 24th 10am-2pm

Join us being inspired and inspiring others to use their voices as animal advocates on behalf of American Wildlife. American wild animals are being killed by the millions and our national land is being destroyed for special interests. We are at a critical point and have to act now before we lose our wild places and animals forever. Also join us March 4th to meet with your Senators for our first lobby day. We will have information and details at the rally. If you can’t make the rally and want to join in the Lobby day please feel free to contact us for details.
Preserving American Wildlife Rally is a family friendly event designed to educate, inspire and support you in making your voice heard to make a difference for our Wildlife.  ( Pets must be leashed) We are honored to have the following speakers joining us. Leda Huta, Executive Director of the Endangered Species Coalition Will discuss the inhumane  killing of wildlife by our government and the Endangered Species Act. Dr. Anteneh Roba,  Founder of the International fund for Africa Will address the need to move away from the use of animal products and the benefit of doing so. Maria Kimble, President and Co-Founder of Dominion Equine Welfare Will address the issues facing our wild horse issues and the SAFE act HR961 Linda Kemp, Penn State Master Watershed Steward and serves on the advisory committee for theMaster Watershed Stewards. she is an equine District Captain with ASPCA. Ken Robinson,  Citizen activist and innovator, Ken served two terms as a Charles County Commissioner, 2010-1018. He spearheaded a significant amount of environmental legislation including targeting smart growth, watershed protection and alternative energy policies.        He will  talk about how each and every person can make a difference. Enjoy our distinguished speakers and their vast knowledge on the different issues our native animals are facing and solutions we can implement today to make a change. We  encourage thinking out of the box for innovative ideas. We can and will be the change needed. For the children we will have activities that inspire their creativity for letters or pictures to send to their elected officials.  We need to teach the next generation how to use their voices and to understand the process of making change.

How to get to the Rally on March 24th.

There is easy metro access and plenty of parking at union station. We will be out front across the street to the right.


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