DC Wild Horse Freedom Ride “motorcade”

June 15th 9 am with ride heading out at 10:30 am

Location 6592 Springfield town center Springfield, VA 22150. This is a Silver Diner and we will be in the parking lot on the far side. Look for the mobile billboard.

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Now is the time we must take action!!  

We can no longer just set behind our keyboards. We must make our voices heard for our wild horses. We are at the tipping point. The plan being pushed in congress will forever destroy our wild horse dynamic. Here is the plan and here is a unified letter sent opposing it.  

Please come out and join us in Demanding attention to this critical issue!

Many groups have slightly different variations of plans but we need to unite and make those in DC aware and demand an end of this war on the western landscape. We Demand that all proposed changes be frozen and a investigation into all aspects of the program be done.

We need everyone who wants our wild horses humanely managed on the range to come together.  This was 2018 during one round up.

We invite all who agree with the following. 

This Stewart/ corporate animal rights plan will be the end of natural roaming wild horses. 
BLM’s report to Congress needs to be investigated. The whole wildlife program needs this.  
Plans for our wild horses and lands need to be based on science and the public has a right to have input.  
We agree keeping horses on the range where they being a keystone species help the range thrive when allowed to roam.  
Private interests are the problem.  
We can utilize PZP as a way to curb growth. 
Please invite friends and family so we have a huge motorcade around the US Capital.  We want media to attend so if anyone has connections let us know.  

We will have a couple of speakers.   
We will start the event by decorating cars. We will have supplies but feel free to use things you have beforehand.  If you are part of a group please bring a banner and signs. We will be taking pictures and hope the Media drops by.  

We plan to gather between 9am and 10:30 when the ride starts.  We will be making the ride around the DC Beltway 64 miles which is about how long many herds of horses are driven when ripped off the range forever.  
If you are a group but can’t get to DC reach out to your supporters to represent your group. We may have some drivers who will be open to flying your colors.


One possible option supported by almost 100 animal groups. here is the Academy of Science report done and ignored after spending over a million dollars to have it done.


The Cloud Foundation has easy to understand information on theses issues. There are others but want to keep it simple.

Wild Horse Education has the most in depth information source we have been able to find. They have been involved with boots on the ground and have gotten laws passed to help protect and save our wild horses.

To understand how important native wild horses are please read here

We also now know wild horses are a native species